Triniaire Sdn Bhd - Marketing and distributing health and wellness products

Triniaire Sdn Bhd specializes in marketing and distribution of high quality products in the health and wellness segment.

Company Profile

TRINIAIRE is a very vibrant and dynamic company. We position ourselves as a highly dedicated marketing and distribution company specialising in the health and wellness segment.

Our company aims to market brands and products of high quality backed by clinical data.

We have distribution into pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, organic shops and traditional medicine retailers. We have developed strong partnerships links with a network of 900 pharmacies including major chains and 80% of the active independent pharmacies in Malaysia.

In addition, we also serve over 1,000 traditional medicine retailers.

Partnership Focus

TRINIAIRE develops partnership programs and tools with the objective of building loyal trade partners like the series of consumer centric health forums and talk shops. These events are conducted on regular basis nationwide and combine knowledge dissemination, experience sharing, product proposition and general networking between the company and its consumers.





business networking

Business Networking

Modern Marketing

TRINIAIRE maintains a suit of technology tools – call centre, weblink, email and mobile phone text – to communicate with its database of end consumers. Each consumer of any product distributed by TRINIAIRE are added into master database. Cross selling activities and promotion programs are communicated in cost effective manner.


TRINIAIRE has access to 20,000 square foot of dedicated facilities for pharmaceutical logistics and warehousing and a fleet of transport vehicles to ensure next-day nationwide delivery.